Available Packages

A collection of simple programs which may be of some use to other system administrators. Some of them handle simple format conversions or data exports, others are simple servers or server components. Some are fully prepared for distribution, others are likely to be broken until you adapt them to your environment.

You might notice certain recurring themes, such as LDAP and Jabber.

These packages are supported by Sourceforge services.


A Finger demon that supplies formatted user information from an LDAP directory. Useful when you're in a dark corner of the server room without a GUI and need to find a phone number. Almost every networked computer has a finger client, so Fingerbob provides a simple but universal network address book. It's also fast - I can use Fingerbob to find a telephone number much faster than using GUI based address books.

Fingerbob can also serve static text documents that match a predefined keyword. By default these are used for a simple help menu, but it can easily be adjusted to provide other information to users.

Language: Perl License: GPL Download: Sourceforge


The new version of this software has moved to Jabber Studio but version 0.4 will remain here.

Flexible LDAP Jabber User Directory. A Jabber User Directory that uses an LDAP directory for user information. It's very useful if you've already got a Jabber server using LDAP for account authentication and vcards. Fljud has some interesting features:

Fljud's speed is probably less than that of the default jabber.org JUD, but it should be more useful for business Jabber servers.

Language: Perl License: MIT Download: Sourceforge